Sugden Sports Centre
12:15Body ConditioningBeginnerCourt 1 (AR1)Mike O Reilly
13:45Fitness Yoga (30 Mins)BeginnerCourt 1 (AR1)Jo Odonnel
16:15Body pumpBeginnerCourt 1 (AR1)Course Instructor (TBC)
17:15AerobicsBeginnerCourt 1 (AR1)Andrea Webber
A cardiovascular and toning workout session suitable for all levels. Includes a combination of moves for you to perform at your own pace though alternative high or low impact moves. A great way to burn calories and increase fitness levels.
Body Pump
Weight training class set to music, using barbells and weights. It will tone and strengthen your entire body and increase your fat burning potential.
Body Conditioning
Total body workout with weights including an aerobic warm up.